Jorge Palacios

Jorge Palacios

Game AI and Gameplay Programmer

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Developer, Speaker, Drummer

Bilingual software developer, specialized in AI and Gameplay programming

I'm a BSc in Computer Science, with eight-year professional experience, committing the last five to game development. Focused on Artificial Intelligence and Gameplay, taking advantage when opportunities arise in other areas. Currently working with Unity (C#) for mobile and desktop development, and Phaser (JS) for web games. Published author, tech speaker with teaching experience, and former web developer.

Native Spanish speaker, and English IELTS score: 7.5



Responsive Design


Proven experience with C#, JavaScript, C++, and a little bit of Java for game development.


Game Development

From concept to release. From small web advergames, to mobile games, to complex AI modules and behaviors.


Training and Speaking

Speaker at tech and game development events, founded by teaching experience over the years.


Technical Writing

Published technical author, previously technical blogger, and passionate about organizing ideas into stories or coherent steps.

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6 Years of Experience in games (9 in Software Development)


Aug 2019

Game/VR Programmer (freelancer)


Programmed controllers for an interactive visit to luxury apartments in VR

Feb 2019 - Aug 2019

Game Client Engineer (contract)


Game-client programming (mostly UI and UX systems) for the upcoming mobile game Tetris Royale. Focused on C# and Unity, but also using in-house technology for different purposes

Jan 2019

Organizer (PR)

Caracas Game Jam (part of Global Game Jam)

Helped organize the Global Game Jam event held in Caracas, along with other 3 organizers.

  • Handled the whole PR tasks
  • Reported progress to the Main Organizer in Venezuela
  • Helped rose capital with an online crowdfunding campaign called Un CafĂ© x CGJ (One Coffee x CGJ) among previous attendees that are now living outside Venezuela.
  • The campaign rose around $500 in less than 2 weeks

Aug 2017 - Feb 2019

Lead Programmer (freelance)

The Virtual Castle

Developed a mobile game/app in Unity for social interactions like Tinder, and Habbo combined.

Lead Programmer, and managing a team of 5 developers (2 programmers, 2 artists, 1 musician/QA), project architecture, configuration and workflow.

Oct 2016 - Sep 2017

Game Programmer (freelance)

Lost-Island Entertainment

Developed Wavy Navy (demo) for mobile devices.

Developed 2 apps in Unity as visual props for the TV series Counterpart, depicting older airport depature boards with big led lights and split flaps.

Apr 2017 - May 2017

Gameplay Programmer, Game Designer (freelance)

A Un Paso Adelante (AUPA)

Ported existing Android prototype to Unity and developed improvements not present in original design document

The project consisted of 6 small puzzle and trivia mini-games

Ported in record time and exceeding customer expectations from older to newer version

Oct 2016 - Mar 2017

Gameplay Programmer(freelance)

Teravison Games

Developed 10 games in HTML5/JS using Phaser for the Colombian National Training Service (SENA)

Aug 2016 - Nov 2016

Game Programmer (freelance)

Rebel Idealist

Built a parody game based on Frogger. The game needed to be deployed for web, for both desktop and mobile, include leaderboards, FB login, and sharing features for both Facebook and Twitter.

Nov 2015 - May 2016

Lead Programmer (freelance)

  • Developed game controls and battle mechanics for a mobile tap-based RPG game in Unity
  • Handled project's repository, builds and supervised technical documentation
  • Managed a team of 5 programmers (myself included)
  • Managed project configuration and workflow from its conception
  • Modularized game-design requirements in order to delegate modules/components to other members of the development team, and report progress to Producer
  • Managed team's organization task assignments with help from Producer

Aug 2015 - Oct 2015

Gameplay Programmer (freelance)

  • Developed game controls and some core mechanics for a mobile 3D MMO prototype in Unity
  • Contributed to team's organization and scheduling, along with Producer
  • Envisioned game's modularization in order to help assign tasks

Aug 2014 - Apr 2016

Game Programming Instructor

Escuela Web

HTML5 game programming instructor, focused on teaching the basis of game development, and common techniques using Enchant.js and Phaser frameworks

Jan 2016

Main Organizer

Caracas Game Jam (part of Global Game Jam)

Helped organize the Global Game Jam event held in Caracas, along with other 4 organizers.

  • Planned and coordinated the tasks among all the organizers
  • Reported progress to the site's founders (Ciro Duran and Yole Quintero) during the whole process
  • Reported progress to the GGJ staff and regional organizer
  • Rose capital for the event
  • Handled the whole PR tasks

Jun 2014

Game Programmer (freelance)

Antares Agencia Interactiva

Developed a penalty-based advergame for supporting Flor De Caña brand during the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 in nightclubs and sport bars. Game deployed for Android using Unity

Dec 2013 - Jun 2014

Game Programmer (freelance)


Developed a set of 5 different HTML5 multiplayer mini-games: chess, table football, basketball, swimming, and tennis. The technologies involved in client-side code were Enchant.js, jQuery and JS. Server-side code was developed in Node.js and Socket.IO

May 2013 - May 2014

Programmer (freelance)


Programmer in the development of El Canto del Autana video game, mostly focused on back-end development, tool development, and everything related to web development (website, Tumblr custom theme coding, social network connections, and such). Also helped in the development of the game's first GUI iteration.

Feb 2012 - Feb 2013

Software Engineer

Equilibrio Agencia Digital
  • Monitored, and developed new features in a Perl-MySQL-based SMS system
  • Web development for handling and monitoring above system's traffic (messages, carriers), reports, raffles among valid messages, etc.

Jan 2011 - Mar 2012

Teaching Assistant

Universidad Simón Bolír

Gave support and assitance on computer science labs or practical sessions: Logic, Programming, and Algorithms.



Ms. Candidate in Computer Science

Universidad Simón Bolívar

Specialization courses: Artificial Intelligence (major) and Computer Graphics (minor)


Bs. in Computer Science

Universidad Nueva Esparta


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